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Central Channel Country Birds

Bulloo and Diamantina Rivers

The Channel Country is generally represented as the part of the Lake Eyre Basin where the Diamantina River and other inland rivers draining towards the inland salt water lakes divide into myriads of minor channels that then course over the extensive floodplains as they wander towards the inland 'sea'.

In wet seasons this region becomes home to likely the most diverse array of especially water birds, though others may be found as well, to be found anywhere, as the following list shows.

• Plumed Whistling-Duck

• Musk Duck

• Freckled Duck

• Black Swan

• Australian Shelduck

• Australian Wood Duck

• Pink-eared Duck

• Australasian Shoveler

• Grey Teal

• Pacific Black Duck

• Hardhead

• Blue-billed Duck

• Australasian Grebe

• Hoary-headed Grebe

• Great Crested Grebe

• Australasian Darter

• Little Pied Cormorant

• Great Cormorant

• Little Black Cormorant

• Pied Cormorant

• Australian Pelican

• White-necked Heron

• Eastern Great Egret

• Intermediate Egret

• Pied Heron

• White-faced Heron

• Little Egret

• Nankeen Night-Heron

• Glossy Ibis

• Australian White Ibis

• Straw-necked Ibis

• Royal Spoonbill

• Yellow-billed Spoonbill

• White-bellied Sea-Eagle

• Swamp Harrier

• Brolga

• Purple Swamphen

• Buff-banded Rail

• Australian Spotted Crake

• Spotless Crake

• Black-tailed Native-hen

• Dusky Moorhen

• Eurasian Coot

• Black-winged Stilt

• Red-necked Avocet

• Red-capped Plover

• Oriental Plover

• Black-fronted Dotterel

• Red-kneed Dotterel

• Masked Lapwing

• Australian Painted Snipe

• Black-tailed Godwit

• Little Curlew

• Common Sandpiper

• Common Greenshank

• Marsh Sandpiper

• Wood Sandpiper

• Red-necked Stint

• Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

• Curlew Sandpiper

• Oriental Pratincole

• Australian Pratincole

• Gull-billed Tern

• Caspian Tern

• Whiskered Tern

• White-winged Black Tern

• Silver Gull

• Yellow Chat

• Australian Reed-Warble

• Little Grassbird


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