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Listing the Indentity of Aussie Birds

Bird Watching in North Western Australia

Bird Species found in North Western Australia

Bird Species endemic to North Western Australia

• Black-banded Fruit Dove

• Black Grasswren

• Red-lored Whistler

• Hooded Parrot

• Chestnut-backed Buttonquail

• Chestnut-quilled Rock Pigeon

• Partridge Pigeon

• Rainbow Pitta

• Kimberley Honeyeater

• White-lined Honeyeater

• White-quilled Rock Pigeon

• White-throated Grasswren

• Yellow-rumped Munia

• Sooty Oystercatcher

• Pied Oystercatcher

• Red-capped Plover

• Beach Stone-curlew

• Fairy Tern

• Caspian Tern

• Roseate Tern

• Coastal Tern

• Common Tern

• Little Tern

• Wedge-tailed Shearwater

• Eastern Osprey

• White-bellied Sea Eagle

Bird Species Migrating to North Western Australia

• Eastern Curlew [Russia and north-eastern China]

• Bar-tailed Godwit [Northern Siberia]

• Eurasian Whimbrel [Central Siberia to Iceland]

• Common Greenshank

• Ruddy Turnstone [Eastern Siberia and western Alaska]

• Lesser Sand Plover [Siberia]

• Greater Sand Plover [Mongolia, north-western China and southern Siberia]

• Red-necked Stint [Siberia and West Alaska]

• Great Knot [Siberia and Russia]

• Red Knot [Siberia and Alaska]

• Grey-tailed Tattler [Siberia]

• Curlew Sandpiper [Russia]

• Common Sandpiper [Russia]

• Marsh Sandpiper [Europe and Siberia]

• Terek Sandpiper [Russia, Finland, Siberia and the Arctic tundra]

• Sharp-tailed Sandpiper [Northern Siberia]

• Common Greenshank [Northern Hemisphere]

• Little Curlew [Russia]

Best Places to Find Migratory Birds in North Western Australia

• Broome's Roebuck Bay

• Parry Lagoons and the greater Ord River Floodplain

• Eighty-mile Beach; between Port Headland and Broome


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