About Australian Birds

Listing the Indentity of Aussie Birds

Bird Watching in Tasmania

Bird Species found in Tasmania

Bird Species endemic to Tasmania

• Tasmanian Nativehen

• Green Rosella

• Orange-bellied Parrot

• Swift Parrot

• Brown Scrubwren

• Scrubtit

• Tasmanian Thornbill

• Dusky Robin

• Forty-spotted Pardalote

• Yellow-throated Honeyeater

• Black-headed Honeyeater

• Strong-billed Honeyeater

• Yellow Wattlebird

• Black Currawong

Bird Species Migrating to Tasmania

• Eastern Curlew [Russia and north-eastern China]

• Sharp-tailed Sandpiper [Arctic Siberia]

• Bar-tailed Godwit [Alaska]

• Whimbrel

• Red-necked Stint [Siberia]


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Indentifying Australian Birds

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